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Featured Artist of the Week

Krista Powers is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a passion for healing and connection through her intuitive artwork. Her art is inspired by her soul and life experiences, and aimed at raising awareness and acceptance for people living with invisible illnesses. Learn More

Summer Garden

Krista Powers

Summer Garden

$1,680 CAD

When Joy Visits

Krista Powers

When Joy Visits

$1,680 CAD


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Our collection of original, one-of-a-kind pieces is carefully curated by our interior designers and art experts. It includes art suitable for commercial and residential spaces, such as homes, restaurants, stores, coffee shops, offices, and workspaces.

We collaborate with professional interior designers and art experts to bring you the most interesting pieces from emerging talent in Canada.

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Art for Interior Design

We understand that not all art styles complement interior design. Through our curation process, we handpick art pieces that work perfectly with interior design setups. Whether it's for your home, workspace, café or restaurant, we have unique artwork tailored to your taste and space.

Art for Connection

We see art as a medium for storytelling, and we are passionate about sharing inspiring stories with you. Knowing the story behind an artwork adds depth to your experience and allows you to select a piece that aligns with your values and interests and represents YOU.

Art for a Cause

Our hand-picked emerging artists, come from diverse backgrounds, and create impactful work that support environmental, social, and cultural causes. Your purchase empowers their career growth, while supporting our environmental efforts of donating 2% towards cleaning the oceans.

Art for Investment

We carefully select the most promising original artwork from rising, up-and-coming emerging artists based in Canada - at unbeatable prices. As we help our artists gain more exposure and demand for their work, the value of their pieces increases, making your purchase a smart investment for the future.

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Watch and discover the captivating stories and creative processes behind our artists' exceptional art in this informative series.

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Fill out a short survey and share a photo of your space or mood board. Our interior designers and curators will create unique ideas tailored to your taste, and help you make the perfect selection.

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We offer more than just an online gallery. Our services include mentorship and education to help artists build successful careers and achieve their goals.

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