From Inspiration to Masterpiece: Heather Fox's Winning Design in the Art Meets Design Competition

From Inspiration to Masterpiece: Heather Fox's Winning Design in the Art Meets Design Competition

As we proudly announce the winner of the 'Art Meets Design' competition, it's essential to reflect on the profound journey this initiative has undertaken. Art Meets Design transcends the conventional boundaries of design challenges, serving as a beacon for redefining the relationship between art and interior design. Through this revolutionary endeavour, we've embraced Canadian artists, and tried to reshape the narrative of art's role in creative spaces.

Partnering with Clavis Studio, the competition provided interior design professionals with a platform to skillfully weave art into their virtual spaces, amplifying ambiance and enriching narratives. As we celebrate the culmination of this transformative journey, join us in acknowledging the significance of creativity and innovation in every brushstroke, blueprint, and design decision. Welcome to the unveiling of the competition's remarkable winner, a testament to the power of artistry in design.

Winner Announcement

We are proud to announce Heather Fox, principal at Fox Interior Design as the winner. Heather's winning design, inspired by Grace Lane Smith's artwork, beautifully merges art and design into a masterpiece. 

 Here's what Heather had to say about her experience:

“I had such a great experience creating my Primary Bedroom Suite Design for the Art Meets Design contest! It was a pleasure to have the beautiful artwork of Grace Lane Smith as the perfect inspiration and jumping off point. 

I also found Clavis Studio to be a fantastic program, very intuitive and fun to explore & use! I love how it’s more than just a place to design but also a community, a shoppable resource and a business tool!”

Storytelling through Art & Design

Heather Fox brings a wealth of experience and passion to her designs, creating spaces where families can thrive. As an interior designer with a background in early childhood education, Heather combines creativity with functionality to craft environments that bring peace and joy to all who inhabit them.

"I’ve created a thoughtful layout, from the welcoming sitting area, balcony and sleeping area, all with peaceful ocean views. Then through the walk-in closet leading to the spa-like ensuite, ensuring both comfort and convenience. 

It's truly a space designed for unwinding and enjoying the beauty of coastal living. To quote Ms. Smith, just as her paintings do, I hope this Primary Suite evokes “An invitation to pause, reflect, & find solace”.

Interior Designer's Note

"Grace Lane Smith, is the Canadian Artist whose Ocean paintings were the foundation for the design of this serene and inviting Primary Bedroom Suite. The integration of Ms. Smith’s artistic inspiration, coupled with the calming presence of the ocean, creates a harmonious atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. The use of soft colours, natural materials, and subtle warm tones further enhance the tranquil ambiance, while the incorporation of plants brings a touch of the outdoors inside."

Final Note

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated and shared their artistry with us. Your passion is what makes events like these so incredibly special and inspiring. 

You can learn more about the competition here

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from artterra, where creativity knows no bounds and art always finds its home.



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