Our Story

artterra, the soil for artists to grow

artterra was born from the joint passion of two artists that came together for the purpose of helping the Canadian art scene, by surfacing up-and-coming Canadian art. 

We curate an online collection of original and one-of-a-kind artwork by emerging Canadian artists and artisans, at prices fit for art collectors and investors at all levels.

By investing in work by emerging artists, you are supporting artists at the start of their career before their work goes up in price. 

We strive to find some of the most unique original art pieces made in Canada, so you are buying pieces that no one else will ever own, as well as some of the most interesting work you can find anywhere, at competitive prices.


As a Canadian art gallery and artisan shop, we are dedicated to supporting the vibrancy, diversity and wellbeing of artists, artisans, curators and collectors from across the country including First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, alongside immigrant communities who have gathered here from around the world. We are committed to sharing their work and stories with fellow Canadians and international audiences. We strive to shed racial bias and are focused on supporting creative practices that better reflect the diversity of Canada.

We strive to create sustainable processes that have a lower carbon footprint than most retail businesses. Recognizing the need to work together to reduce the effects of climate change, we collaborate with our artists, artisans and partners to streamline our processes, reducing our carbon footprint through our shipping practices, art packaging, donations and prioritizing artwork with an environmental mission.