artterra, the soil for artists to grow

What is artterra?

We are on a mission to enhance the Canadian art ecosystem by connecting art lovers and interior designers with emerging, up and coming work from Canadian artists and artisans. 

We find emerging artists whose work we love, and showcase them to art lovers like you, who help support these artists as they grow by buying their pieces at prices that won't be matched as their art careers grow and demand increases.

Painting by artterra artist: Marianne Nielsen


We are more than an Online Gallery

We've been called an artist community, a sustainable social business, but most importantly, 

we think of artterra as a movement: 

A movement for buying more responsibly and taking into account how our purchasing choices effect our local economy and global environment. 

Every artist, vendor and business partner artterra works with is a Canadian small business owner.

 By buying work from artterra you are not only buying unique, one of a kind original work, but you are also supporting a Canadian artist in their career, and in-turn helping the local economy grow. 

artterra's plantable business cards, by small Canadian business Vita Beata Boutique YYC. Plant them and watch wildflowers grow!


Everything on our online shop is completely handmade and curated

We are pretty selective in picking some of the most high-quality and promising work we come by. Our products range from unique original art, limited edition prints, textile art, jewelry, and handmade products that we love... and we know you will too! 

Painting by artterra artist: Marissa Schiesser


 We offer FREE SHIPPING on purchases over $150, so it's an easy win to snag that art piece that will bring your living room or home office to life!

And on top of that, we organize for the work to be shipped directly to you from the artist, in order to reduce the carbon-footprint of the item being shipped multiple time. 


Who is artterra?

artterra is a small team of artists and design enthusiasts, dedicated to promoting the vitality, diversity, and well-being of artists, artisans, curators, and collectors from all across the country. We are artist champions, community builders and storytellers.  

Our Values

Our mission is simple: We want to help artists make a living from their craft by making it easy for conscious consumers to find them. That's why we started artterra.

We believe in creative freedom—that no artist should have to compromise their vision or message in order to sell their work. We believe in fair pay for our artists and transparency about where your money goes when you buy from us. And we believe that your purchase should do good—for the environment, community, and sometimes even other people!

Creative: No one should compromise their ingenuity and creative expression to make a living.

Responsible: We are committed to progress for people and the planet. We work to cause no unnecessary harm and to do more good.

Innovative: We look around for ways to bring change in the traditional industry of art and build opportunities for artists.

Diverse: We believe the Canadian art scene should be more diverse, representing the cultural mosaic of the country.

Storytelling: We see art as a storytelling medium and a way to express what is difficult to put into words.

Giving back: So that we can all grow in harmony together.

artterra is dedicated to supporting the vibrancy, diversity and wellbeing of artists, artisans, curators and collectors from across the country including First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, alongside immigrant communities who have gathered here from around the world. We are committed to sharing their work and stories with fellow Canadians and international audiences. We strive to shed racial bias and are focused on supporting creative practices that better reflect the diversity of Canada.

We strive to create sustainable processes that have a lower carbon footprint than most retail businesses. Recognizing the need to work together to reduce the effects of climate change, we collaborate with our artists, artisans and partners to streamline our processes, reducing our carbon footprint through our shipping practices, art packaging, donations and prioritizing artwork with an environmental mission. 

We also acknowledge that we are living and working on the traditional, unceded and occupied lands of Indigenous peoples, specifically the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ nations, as well as the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples.