Artterra Partnership Program

Where Art Meets Design and Technology

Join artterra in redefining spaces with art.
Our Partnership Program is an invitation to interior designers, retailers, galleries, and educational groups to collaborate at the intersection of art, design, and technology. Together, we'll create spaces that tell stories, invoke emotions, and celebrate diversity.

For Interior Designers and Design Firms

Combine your design expertise with our curated art collections from emerging artists.

For Galleries, Collectives & Retailers

Join us in our mission to promote fine art in every interior. Let's create compelling narratives through art and design.

For Festivals and Organizations

Amplify the impact of art in our communities. Collaborate in workshops and events that inspire and educate.

Why partner with artterra?

Our partnership is more than a collaborative project; it's a shared vision of using art to transform spaces and lives. With artterra, gain exposure, embrace technology, and join a community that values creativity, diversity, and sustainability.

Get in Touch

Ready to collaborate with artterra? We're eager to hear from you. Fill in our contact form or reach out to us directly, and let's explore the possibilities together.