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Turn Your Space into a Work of Art

Art is the spice that brings a touch of personality and character to any interior design project. It has the power to tell a story and transform a house into a home.
However, finding the right art for a client can be a daunting task, as it's such a subjective medium. That's where artterra comes in. We're here to take the mystery out of selecting art and guide you along the way. With a team of experienced interior designers and art experts, we're equipped to help you find the perfect art pieces that align with your client's vision and aesthetic.

Training and Community

Learn How to Master Art as an Interior Designer

Let us help you in enhancing your skills when it comes to incorporating art in interior designing. With our e-courses and online community, you will have all the necessary resources to confidently source and manage artwork for your projects.

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Why artterra?

We curate original art pieces from emerging artists in Canada for interior design projects.

Our team selects only the top 10% of the most talented artists, ensuring quality artwork that appreciates in value over time.

Our collection features affordable pieces with a unique story, and by purchasing from us, you support rising artists while adding character and style to your space.

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Experience the Power of Storytelling

We believe that art is a medium for storytelling and we are passionate about sharing these stories with you.
Selecting pieces that align with your clients' values and interests can create a unique and meaningful space that makes them feel understood and heard.

Invest in Affordable Artwork That Appreciates in Value

We are committed to supporting the growth of emerging artists in Canada. We handpick the most promising original artwork at unbeatable prices. As our artists gain more exposure, the value of their work increases, making our art a smart investment for your clients.

Art with a Purpose

Our hand-picked emerging artists from Canada create meaningful artwork that supports environmental, social, or cultural causes. Share the story behind the art with your clients to add an extra wow factor. And with our sustainable approach, we donate 2% of your purchase to cleaning the ocean.

Fast and Free Shipping, Hassle-Free Returns

artterra takes care of all communication and organization with the artists, ensuring that your artwork arrives on time and free of charge. If the piece doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a hassle-free 7-day refund policy so you can be sure to find the peice you love.