Welcome to our virtual exhibition!

Here you can browse the artwork of our participating artterra artists in the 'Art Meets Design' competition.

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How to Navigate the Virtual Gallery:

1. Click the button below to Enter

Enter Virtual Exhibition

2. Click Play to start the navigation

3. Browse Artist's names on the top

Use the drop-down menu to find the artist’s room you would like to view, just click on the artist’s name.

4. Use your mouse and keyboard to navigate

Use WASD keys to move around the rooms in the gallery

  • W-go forward
  • A- go left
  • S-go backward
  • D- go right

Press and hold on the left mouse button to pan around. 

5. Scan the QR codes to watch each artist speak about their work

If viewing from your desktop, scan the QR code with a mobile device to watch each artist share more information about their work.

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Art Meets Design is a proud participant of the DesignTO festival

We believe in the power of art in design to tell stories, evoke emotions,
and spark conversations.