Interior design trends in 2022

Interior design trends in 2022

The post-pandemic world is a different place than the old world. We've all had to change and adapt, and interior design trends for 2022 reflect that. With the rise of nostalgia for past times, people are looking back at decorations from history, putting them in their homes. People also want to bring nature into their homes, using elements like flowers or branches as decorations and even making them part of the actual structure of their home's interior. Zen design is also growing in popularity with people trying to create areas where they can rest and think about peace and harmony.

With the help of art, you can create something that’s completely different from other spaces. We have all sorts of original artwork on artterra that will allow you to do this easily.

Our goal is simple: to connect buyers with incredible pieces they'd otherwise never know were available to them!

Retro Style Interior

The history of design is like a cycle of returning to past ideas and improving them for better use. This time designers have decided to return to the motifs of the 70s, when interiors were created in warm colours with velvet couches, inflatable furniture and linoleum floors.

The use of colour is an important element in this interior design trend as it allows you to make your room look really vibrant and vintage-like without being too.

original wall art by artterra artists, Erica Mattson, in a beautiful interior design

One of our artists, Erica Mattson, uses linoleum to create her authentic prints. The natural curved lines in her work go perfectly with a wooden table and a wavy floor lamp.

Nature inspired Interior

Nature-inspired design is all about bringing the outdoors inside. It's a trend that has been growing in popularity over the years, and it's not hard to see why. The aesthetic of this interior design trend is fresh, natural and relaxing—which makes sense when you consider how much time we've spent indoors over the past two years!

Florals, greens, earthy tones have a calming effect, which are proven to be  a very popular interior design trend in 2022. Additionally, the use of plants, not only contribute to a calming atmosphere but also help with the air quality of the room.  

painting by artterra artist Ira Hoffecker in a nature inspired interior design

Another easy way to embody nature is to add artwork with vivid colours throughout your home. The artwork you see above is from artterra artist Ira Hoffecker. This original painting can be the perfect addition to any nature inspired interior.

Zen Interior

The zen interior design came to us straight from Japan and focuses on harmony, creating a sense of relaxation in the homes.

Similar to the interior design trends inspired by nature, Zen interior design became very popular during the recent stressful times we've been through.

Zen interiors are all about simplicity, clean lines, minimalism, and harmony. The main objective is to create an atmosphere that makes you feel peaceful and calm.

In order to protect your inner peace in your home, you could use neutral bright colours, cotton and linen fabrics with a wide area, perfect for having tea.

painting by artterra artist Laurie J Cochrane in a Zen Interior Design


The shade of blue colours and view of the mountains on Laurie J Cochrane’s paintings could give you a breath of fresh air as you clear up your mind. 

Postmodern Interior 

Postmodern interior design emerged in the late 70s as a reaction to modernism and hasn't left our homes to this day. This eclectic and playful design is full of bright colours and plastic, which was very unconventional in those decades. Designers began experimenting with new material and contrasts.

Textile art by artterra artist Loretta Faveri in Postmodern Interior Design


In Loretta Faveri's work, there are combinations of diverse elements, a rather unusual process, and most importantly, there is a unique meaningful story hidden behind her paper tapestries. This is a design element that makes you think and rethink what you know about your everyday living.

Shop Emerging Canadian Art For Your Home

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of art to adorn your home, consider shopping from Canadian artists. Buying art from artterra is a great way to make sure your money goes towards supporting emerging artists in Canada, and it gives you access to some incredible talent that would be hard to find otherwise.

What's more, buying from local artists will help foster a sense of community and connection with our neighbours across the country. Showing off original artwork by other Canadians is a great way to show off what makes this country so special!

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Maria Gavrilova is an interior designer and multimedia artist residing in Toronto, ON. 

She has curated several physical and virtual art exhibitions in Rome, Italy.

In her current role as artterra's gallery assitant, she is passionate about using her artistic and design skills in connecting artists and interior designers. 

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