Artterra's Virtual Showroom in Partnership with Clavis Interior Design

Artterra's Virtual Showroom in Partnership with Clavis Interior Design

Last fall we introduced Artterra's first ever virtual interior showroom experience, presented in partnership with Clavis, a Canadian interior design studio. With this innovative new exhibition, viewers were able to browse and shop for artwork from the comfort of their own home. Although the exhibition has now ended, you can still access the virtual exhibition and you can also watch the opening ceremony on youtube.

Clavis is a Canadian startup that is a 3D design, visualization, and sourcing platform for interior designers. It provides a marketplace for designers to find new clients and offers tools to deliver projects, such as 3D floorplans, HD photorealistic rendering, scheduling, invoicing, contract management, and shopping. The goal of Clavis is to redefine the approach to interior design using immersive 3D technology that highlights the endless possibilities of design and infrastructure planning.

Artterra and Clavis have collaborated to promote the vitality, diversity, and well-being of artists, interior designers, and collectors from all across Canada. Together, they have designed five display rooms, each with a unique ambiance created by blending earthy hues and textures, plants, and natural light. The residential-style rooms and mini café were designed to be intimate spaces where the artworks can be prominently displayed and the artists' narratives can be shared.

The virtual exhibition space was VR-ready and could be accessed on any device. If you had a VR headset, you could fully immerse yourself in the experience by following these simple tips: ensure your phone has VR mode on, open the exhibition on your phone, have your phone in landscape mode, click the VR button on the bottom right corner of your screen, attach your phone to your VR headset, and stretch your arm to move around the space.

Although the exhibition has now ended, we're excited to have ongoing partnerships with Clavis in 2023 to bring even more innovative and immersive virtual experiences to art lovers and interior designers.

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