call for artists. We are doing a call for art from indigenous artists, black artists, asian artists, artists from Canada, queer artists and other radicalized artists and minority artists

Call for Artists: become an artterra artist!

At artterra, we are proud to announce our latest "Call for Artists" from diverse backgrounds, particularly for emerging artists of Canada. Our mission is to revolutionize the art industry by streamlining the career path for artists through re-imagining the traditional gallery model, providing comprehensive education, and leveraging technology-based solutions.

We are currently accepting applications from artists residing in Canada who would like to grow their online sales and audience through working with us! We are looking for artist and artisan made work including (but not limited to): paintings, drawings, sculpture, fiber art, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, limited edition prints and more. We are curating the artwork for artterra for interior design clients and we are currently accepting medium and larger scale artwork i.e 12 inches and above.

In an effort to feature more representation, we are particularly interested in hearing from Indigenous Artists from First Nations, Metis and Inuit, as well as non-status artists of Indigenous descent. Additionally, we're looking for Black artists, artists racialized as Black, or artists of African descent. We're also seeking proposals from artists of colour, POC-identifying, and socially racialised artists. Plus, we're excited to see submissions from queer artists, LGBTQ+ and queer-identifying artists. And we're looking for artists living with disabilities and neurodivergent and neurodiverse-identifying artists.

Our goal is to help our artists of Canada get seen and recognized by our various efforts including holding virtual exhibitions, putting you in front of interior designers, telling your story, and even building you promotional material to get seen. We are committed to promoting the talents of artists in Canada and helping them gain recognition in the industry. You can learn about all we do for artists here

Please note: there is no fee to submit work, or any other fees required. We only charge a percentage of sales once your artwork sells.

Once you send us your application, we will review it and contact you through email within a week or two.

We review and respond to every single one of our applications. If you're an emerging artist in Canada, looking to showcase your work to a wider audience and grow your career, we encourage you to apply. To submit your application, please apply through our call for artists page. We can't wait to see what you've been working on and help you take the next step in your artistic journey as an artist of Canada.

Not ready to apply just yet? At artterra, we're not just about showcasing and selling art, we're also about community building and education. Even if you're not ready to apply to become an artterra artist, we still welcome you to join our free artist community. By being a part of our community, you'll have access to tons of educational materials, resources and networking opportunities to help you grow your art career. You'll also stay connected with other artists and be the first to know about our upcoming events, workshops and exhibitions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect and grow with like-minded individuals in the art industry. To join our artist community, click the link.  

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