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5 Things to Consider When Buying Original Art

Buying original art is an exciting step in creating your perfect living room, bedroom, home office... or any space that you spend time in! 

Investing in original art has so many benefits and will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment and connection to artwork that you love. It can lift your mood, connect you to happy memories, ground nervous energy, and can be an important part of creating a healthy and happy environment. 

Purchasing art from emerging artists has additional benefits, such as price tags that are more affordable as artists start their career, as well as the great feeling of helping artists when they need it most. Also, the art you purchase from an emerging artist could grow in value significantly as they become more popular over time. 

Buying work from Canadian artists helps the local economy at a grassroots level, as that money is more likely to stay in Canada, which we all realized the importance of during the pandemic when so many small businesses suffered. 

So... feel great about helping artists and the local economy, all the while making the spaces you spend the most time in look and feel amazing, and saving money by buying from emerging artists... it's a win-win for everyone.

We know that the first time buying original art can seem overwhelming and confusing, and you might not know where to start.

This is why we created this little guide that outlines the top 5 things you need to consider when buying original art. 

It's free to download and we think it will help you get clear on what to look for and what to think about when buying original art. 

You can download the guide here:  Give me the guide!

We would love to help with you the process further if we can! You can always send us a message and we can help you through the process of making your space feel like it's a true reflection of you and what you care about.

You can email us here:



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