Deadline Extended: March 1st, 2024

Join Canada’s Newest Interior Design Competition and be at the frontier of a new movement for art in interior design

Showcase your design skills
grow your design career
win exciting prizes

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Looking for ways to grow your design career and get new clients?

Growing a design career is a lot of work:

growing your portfolio,
staying on top of trends,
learning the latest tools for design,
marketing and promotion,
content creation,...
There is so much that needs to be done.

Join our Interior Design competition and stretch your design skills while growing your portfolio, audience and connections

Here is what happens when you join…

Highlight your design work nationwide and get featured

Learn the latest tool that simplifies your design process and workflow 

Win exciting prizes and features that grow your reputation and business

Establish yourself as a leader in the design industry 

Network with other design professionals and artists in the industry

Push your design skills to new heights with a fun, new challenge

Bottom Line:

Joining our interior design competition is an excellent investment in your career.

It offers significant value and potential for growth, making it well worth your time.

Why is this such a unique opportunity?

Artterra and Clavis Studio, are both innovative Canadian startups, on a mission to transform the way artists and designers work and grow their careers. These two startups have come together to bring this first-of-its-kind competition to the design industry challenging how art is weaved into design projects.

Artterra aims to digitize the art gallery experience for interior designers and art enthusiasts, connecting them with the most promising up-and-coming artists across Canada with stories worth sharing. Artterra uses the most cutting edge technology to enhance the buyers shopping experience and amplify the voice of its artists.

Clavis Studio offers a sophisticated online CAD platform. This platform simplifies the interior design process, allowing designers to build intuitive and powerful virtual 3D spaces to share immersive 3D walkthroughs of final designs with clients. Clavis replaces complex and outdated tools for a more immersive and collaborative client experience.



Canada’s Newest interior design competition, flipping how art is woven into interior design spaces, challenging interior designers to start with art rather than having art be an afterthought. 

✔️ Simplify your process with an e-design tool easier than AutoCAD and SketchUp.

✔️ Challenge your creativity by incorporating art at the beginning of your design.

✔️ Gain exposure through features by artterra, Clavis, and their partners.

✔️ Compete in a juried event to establish your industry leadership.

✔️ Connect with fellow designers, artists, and tech innovators.

✔️ Win prizes and discounts to propel your career forward

(Deadline Extended: March 1st, 2024)
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Welcome to

Join Canada’s Newest Interior Design Competition - and be in the frontier of a new movement for art in interior design.
All while growing your design career and winning exciting prizes.

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Here’s how the competition works and how it can help you grow your business and get more clients:

Step 1

Browse our virtual exhibition, learn about the mission behind each artist’s series and choose the artwork(s) you’d like to use as the inspiration for your design.

Browse the exhibition here

Step 2

Join the Competition and start designing a room on the easy-to-use Clavis platform where you can easily pull in your chosen artterra artwork as well as furniture from all your favourite brands to design your room.

Step 3

Submit your design to the ‘Art Meets Design’ competition to win prizes, and features that will help grow your career, establish your authority and build visibility for your brand. 

(Deadline Extended: March 1st, 2024)

Interior Designers are loving this challenge as it is not only challenging their design skills in a fun way but also allowing them to learn a new tool that simplifies their process and gives their time back all while giving them a chance to win prizes.

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We have one question for you

What if joining this competition could get you one new client this month?

We believe that winning the ‘Art Meets Design’ competition has a huge potential to establish you as a leader among your peers. 
But we also believe that even participating in ‘Art Meets Design’ can lead to MANY benefits. 
Imagine creating a virtual room in Clavis, adding it to your resume, getting your room featured through artterra and Clavis's combined audience of thousands, and networking with artists and other design professionals. 
If this leads to a new client or business partner, the return could be more than tenfold the amount of time it would take you to design on Clavis. 

Isn't that an incredible investment?

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The ‘Art Meets Design’ Competition is for two specific types of interior designers:

You are looking to get more clients 

You’re looking for a way to increase your visibility, grow your audience and establish your credibility as a designer. The ‘Art Meets Design’ competition can help you do that. 

You are looking to get more time back

You are capped out with your time and looking to learn about tools and software that can simplify your processes and get your time back. Clavis can help you simplify your design process and artterra can help you simplify your art sourcing process. 

Artterra and Clavis Studio were both built with the busy designer in mind.

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If you’re asking yourself 

“I already know how to use Autocad or Sketchup, why do I need to learn a new tool?”  

Reason 1:
Clavis is SO easy to use

The interface is more intuitive than AutoCAD and the keyboard shortcuts are similar to Sketchup It's so powerful yet so easy to use.

Reason 2:
Easy-to-source product library

In Clavis you have all your favourite brands at your fingertips and you get to design virtual spaces with furnishing and materials that are available to purchase.

Reason 3:
All in one platform

Clavis allows you to streamline your client engagement, contract management, marketing, invoicing, and sourcing. Removing the need to jump from one application to another.

Or if you’re thinking…

“I don’t have time to join a competition” 

This is exactly why you need to join. Our competition will only take a few hours but will allow you to get featured, and add a new skill to your resume and portfolio all while you learn a new tool that simplifies your design process and gives you your time back in the long run.

Here’s what other interior designers are asking:

Clavis Studio is a premium online CAD software studio known for offering a superior alternative to underperforming and expensive tools like Sketchup, Houzz Pro, and Neo Foyr. They have developed a simple yet powerful virtual 3D interior design ecosystem that caters to the needs of designers, decorators, and their clients alike. The online design platform provided by Clavis Studio allows interior designers to accomplish multiple tasks within a single platform:

  • Share 3D virtual walkthroughs of the final design with clients to finalize deals.
  • Design and decorate virtual spaces with furnishings and materials that clients can actually purchase.
  • Create photorealistic renders that would typically require complex software and significant budgets.
  • Utilize drop-down menus featuring actual products from brands such as Crate & Barrel, Article, Wayfair, etc., to demonstrate the end result to clients.
  • Replace numerous separate tools that small business owners usually need to purchase and use.
  • Showcase online portfolios and attract new clients.
  • Streamline client engagement, contract management, marketing, invoicing, and sourcing.
  • Manage all client projects on a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Clavis Studio consolidates these features into one comprehensive platform, simplifying the workflow for interior designers. Interested individuals are invited to view a sneak peek through one of the studio's YouTube videos, showcasing interior designers utilizing the platform effectively.

Winners will receive exciting prizes.
Prize packages include industry gifts, design discounts and tools to enhance your work-day life. Once you enter, watch for regular updates and incentives in your inbox!

The competition is designed to be quick and efficient, requiring only a single afternoon to complete. This includes joining the competition, learning how to use the Clavis platform, and designing your room.

However, we do not advise leaving it to the last minute to join. Allowing yourself ample time will enable you to fully explore your creativity without unnecessary pressure.

You can visit to create where you have your unique space to create your design.

Once join the competition we will send you details on how to proceeed.

A panel of expert judges, including interior designers and art experts, will evaluate submissions, and the winners will be announced on March 11, 2024 on all participating social media channels.
Be sure to follow artterra and Clavis Studio on social!

Judging criteria may include creativity, functionality, harmony between art and design, and overall aesthetics.

Yes! We have implemented a competition entry fee of $30.00 CAD to ensure participation is limited to those who are genuinely committed.

All fees are conclusive and non-refundable

The Clavis software offers various tiers, but participation only requires the free tier. While you are welcome to upgrade to the paid tier, it is not necessary for participation.

Upon entering the competition [Join here], we will send you instructions via email on how to proceed and submit your design.

We recommend joining as early as possible to give yourself ample time to become comfortable with Clavis and fully express your creativity.

Submission closes on March 1st, 11:59 PM EST, 2024

"Art Meets Design" encourages us to think differently about art's role in interior design. It's about challenging traditional methods, embracing new ideas, and using innovative technology to enhance our work.

Deadline Extended: March 1st, 2024

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