What is artterra?

We envision artterra as the digital evolution of the classic art gallery.

The art world has seen massive changes over the last decade, with online platforms like art marketplaces, Instagram, Pinterest and Shopify revolutionizing how art is shared and sold.

While many artists have leveraged these platforms to their advantage, our aim is to help you do the same.

Our mission is to guide and assist emerging artists through the digital art scene.
We'll amplify your presence through digital marketing, create online opportunities for you to sell your work, and link you with a global network of interior designers and art collectors. Plus, you'll be part of a tight-knit community of fellow artterra artists, sharing this journey together.

How does artterra work?


Every artterra artist receives a personalized page on our site, where their artwork and story are beautifully presented, offering a window into their creative world.


We're here to amplify your voice, using social media promotions, email blasts, and targeted ads to connect you with your ideal buyers and boost your recognition as an artist.


We're passionate about linking our artists with unique opportunities to grow their careers, such as featuring them as guest speakers on podcasts, our documentary series, or in our interior design competitions.


Being an artist today means you're also an entrepreneur. There's a lot to learn, and we've got your back. We offer regular webinars and share tools and resources to help you build your career.


Artterra is a community made by artists for artists. We're here to support each other. If being an artist feels lonely, we're here to connect you with artists across Canada.

Hear from artterra artist:
Gina Jacklin

Hear from artterra artist:
Grace Lane-Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

We are seeking unique art that aligns with our focus on storytelling, eco art, social art, and interior design. This includes mediums like paintings, ceramics, textiles, and more. We ask you submit a collections of 3 or more coherent pieces, medium to large scale (12 inches and above). All styles and genres are welcome if they align with our curation mandate.

We select, showcase and promote a limited selection of art and artisan products from emerging artists residing in Canada.

If your work is accepted, we create a page for you on our website, and help build your audience by showcasing and promoting your work on our social media, and network of interior designers and art lovers. We also build various opportunities for our artists to grow their careers that you can learn more about here.

We don’t hold inventory of any of the artwork. Once an item is sold on our website, you ship directly to the customer. But we pay for shipping and all transaction fees. We email you a prepaid shipping label to print and attach to your package and you drop off the package at the post office. We pay you 60% of the price of the item sold.

We are artists working for artists so we know that artists need to make a living, and it can be tough with traditional galleries that often take 50% or more of art sales. artterra offers artists 60% of the retail price of art sales, AND we pay shipping costs, taxes and transaction fees, so that there are no hidden fees or extra costs. We offer free shipping to our collectors on artwork over $150 and we we pay for the shipping from our cut of the sale. If we’re running a promotion/discount it comes out of our cut of the sale.

Your artwork price listed on artterra should be the same as you would have it on your website. We maintain complete transparency with our clients and when they buy from us they should be assured that they are paying the true value of an artwork, not an inflated retail value. We only exhibit artists who do not add commission to their standard pricing.

Upon delivery of your artwork to the collector, we will process your payment via e-transfer within 30 days of the buyer's receipt. If the client chooses a payment plan option, you will receive payments in installments as the artwork is sold.

We've set our contract term at six months, thinking about what's best for our artists.

Many of our artists work with various galleries and sell work on their own website. During our six month term together, we have exclusive representation of your work on our website, meaning you can't sell that particular artwork through any other channel including your website. So at the end of the six months, we like to give our artists a chance to choose if they'd like us to continue representing work that hasn't sold on artterra.
At this time some artists choose to switch artwork that hasn't sold with new work. Most of our artists, however, choose to stay with artterra for another term. It is rare that the six months is the end of our relationship with our artists.

All of artterra's operations are online and we don't keep physical inventory of your work.
Once an item is sold on our website, we send you an email and you ship directly to the customer. We pay for shipping and all transaction fees. We email you a prepaid shipping label to print and attach to your package and you drop off the package at the post office.
By the time most products reach the buyer at a typical retail store, they have been shipped multiple times. We want to ship products less to reduce carbon emissions, so our model involves direct shipping from the artist to the buyer. All shipments are insured for 100% of the retail value of the work.

We are digital storytellers, and we share the stories of our artists, i.e their process, their 'why', what inspires them, why we find it so interesting.
Our goal is to help you grow your career and gain the recognition you deserve as an artist.
We recommend submitting a small collection that best represents your work and helps us tell a story of your process and what inspires you.

As a socially conscious and sustainability-driven art and design brand, we cater to interior designers, environmentalists, and art enthusiasts who are passionate about supporting emerging artists. If you have artwork that complements interior design or tells a compelling story about conservation, environmental, social, or cultural issues, we invite you to join the artterra community and showcase your unique creations.

We own exclusive rights to the art we represent. This means that during the timeframe of our representation (six months), art sales for the pieces we have on artterra should all go through our website. If you are contacted by a potential buyer, kindly redirect them to artterra.ca where they can purchase the work.

11:59 PM EST, March 2nd, 2024

You can read about our mission, founding story and manifesto on our about page. Click here.

Send us an email at info@artterra.ca

Sharon Habib

Fine Artist

I’ve worked with a couple of galleries and while they’ve been lovely to work with, it’s been nothing like working with artterra.
I have already told another friend of mine who is an artist how incredibly professional you are and how diligent you are about marketing your artists.

I am very grateful to you and I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship for both of us.

Christine Viens

Fine Artist

I am delighted to be represented online by artterra. Amicable, professional and creative, artterra’s team makes me feel acknowledged and supported. 

They dedicate themselves to helping artists thrive in the art world by enhancing their visibility. Indeed, their partnerships with designers create opportunities for artists to connect with collectors and sell their work. I highly recommend them to fellow artists.

As a remote team with artists across Canada and headquarters in Toronto, we acknowledge the traditional territories of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples. We respect their enduring connection to this land and their contributions to our community.