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Welcome to the 'Art & Design Hub '

Here, artists and interior designers unite to access empowering workshops, invaluable resources, and a community passionate about the fusion of art and design. Elevate your craft and business in an environment that celebrates innovation and collaboration.
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Art-knowledgable: Mini-courses for Interior Designers

Find the Perfect Artwork for Your Clients

Lesson 1

Learn how to select art for your clients that speaks to their values and aesthetics.

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Lighting Artwork for Maximum Impact

Lesson 2

Master art lighting techniques: position, brightness, color temperature, and using varied lights for depth.

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Hanging Artwork Like a Pro

Lesson 3

Discover the essential tips and tricks for creating a stunning display of your artwork on your walls.

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Framing to Enhance Your Artwork

Lesson 4

Tips and tricks for choosing the perfect frame for your artwork, based on the style, colours, and materials used.

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Preserve Original Archival Artwork

Lesson 5

Discover how to protect artwork from acid damage, dust, and direct sunlight, and create an uplifting environment with our artist's examples.

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