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Frequently asked questions

What is artterra?

artterra is an art and artisan focused online gallery created to showcase work by some of the most unique and talented emerging and up-and-coming Canadian artists. 

Why buy art from artterra?

artterra is committed to curating quality artwork by emerging and up-and-coming Canadian artists. By investing in work by emerging artists, you are supporting artists at the start of their career before their work goes up in price. 

We strive to find some of the most unique original art pieces being in made in Canada, so you are buying pieces that no one else will ever own, as well as some of the most interesting work you can find anywhere, at competitive prices.

Who is artterra?

artterra was born from the joint passion of two artists that came together for the purpose of helping the Canadian art scene, by surfacing up-and-coming Canadian art. 

We curate an online collection of original and one-of-a-kind artwork by emerging Canadian artists and artisans, at prices fit for art collectors and investors at all levels.

What is artterra's mission?

Our mission is twofold: to support Canadian artists early on in their careers to get known and grow, AND for art lovers to have an easy, fun way for finding amazing art and handmade products, while supporting these artists' careers.

How does shipping work?

artterra makes the purchasing process simple and enjoyable for art collectors by offering free shipping to anywhere in Canada with purchases over $150, and we ship anywhere in Canada or the United States. We work with a shipping company that delivers the work safely and quickly right to your door, with tracking and updates. 

We value sustainability and keeping a low carbon footprint, so once you purchase artwork, it is shipped directly from the artist to you. This means that the artwork we sell is shipped way less than traditional retail models, that often ship items numerous times before reaching the buyer. 

We offer returns on items within 7 days of delivery; if the item arrives damaged we will pay for return shipping. If the item just doesn’t fit into your space, we offer a full refund once the work is safely shipped back to the artist.

Some of the art you sell in unframed, why is that?

Shipping glass is always a risk, so some of our artists whose work is on paper sell their work unframed. It also costs less to ship work unframed. This allows the buyer to frame the work in a way that best suits their space, as you can customize the frame and mat sizing, and colour and material of the frame.  If you have questions about how or where to frame artwork, send us a message!

I’m interested in purchasing work but not sure if it will fit into my space. Can you help?

Yes!  Send us an email and we can set up an appointment to discuss your needs and advise you of the best work for your unique space.

Do you offer incentives for Interior Designers?

Yes!  We offer Interior Designers discounts and incentives for purchasing work from our ever-evolving roster of Canadian artists. You can learn more about that here.

What about discounts and deals for private collectors?

We will be offering exclusive discounts and early viewings of new work for those that sign up for our email list. Don’t miss anything by signing up here.

I'm an artist. How can I work with you?

Click here.