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An Art Documentary Series

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of emerging Artterra artists and their exceptional artwork through our art documentary series.
In this exclusive sneak peek, you'll gain access to their inspirational stories, creative processes, and the influences that shape their art. Discover the journey behind the making of their artwork and the vision that drives their creativity. Witness their innovative techniques and unique perspectives that make their artwork truly exceptional.

This series is a product of artterra's creative collaboration with emerging filmmakers across Canada.

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Season 1

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Get a sneak peek of the inspiring stories, processes, and inspirations behind the work of emerging Canadian artists. We are excited to bring you a series of short art documentaries on our YouTube channel.

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Sharon Habib

Episode 1

Discovering the Art of Sharon Habib

Discover the unique world of emerging artist Sharon Habib in this short art documentary. Based in Vancouver and originally from South Africa, Sharon's self-taught journey in painting has led her to explore the beauty of natural decay and weathering through her use of acrylic, graphite, pen, and mixed media. Her inspiration draws from the marks and scars found in our environment, as well as the lines and codes found in engineering and architectural images. Join us as we delve into Sharon's process and discover the depth and complexity of her work.

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Liz Wurzinger

Episode 2

Body Art Exploration with Liz Wurzinger

Discover the intriguing art of emerging artist Liz Wurzinger in our art documentary. Liz's current focus is on the body and its subtle ways of communication. Through her work, she explores mark-making as a way to capture the quiet sensations that make up our physical selves. From abstract drawings to performance and installation art, Liz's work is constantly evolving and never fails to surprise. Natural materials such as wood, paper, fabric, and skin are some of her preferred choices, as they often have their own stories to tell.

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Jo Thomson

Episode 3

Capturing Botanical Shadows with Jo Thomson

Discover the world of Jo Thomson, an experimental photographer from Mono, ON, who creates unique art prints using foraged botanicals and traditional photographic processes. Through Florigin, her brand name, Jo aims to elevate ordinary objects into things of beauty. Join us as we explore Jo's two processes - Photogram and Cyanotype - both of which use the "contact" method to record objects at their true scale.

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Marianne Nielsen

Episode 4

Freeing Creativity with Marianne Nielsen

Explore the artistic journey of Marianne Nielsen, a talented self-taught artist based in a small township outside of Ottawa. In this episode, Marianne shares her experiences with overcoming self-doubt and the inner critic, and the freedom and joy that comes with creating art. Through her bold and expressive abstract paintings, Marianne invites us to join her on a journey of self-expression and intuitive painting. Don't miss this inspiring and uplifting episode about the power of freeing creativity and embracing self-expression with Marianne Nielsen.

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Danielle Petti

Episode 5

A Sustainable Approach to Art with Danielle Petti

Experience the inspiring world of Danielle, a talented artist who forages for rocks in nature and grinds them down into paint to create beautiful, sustainable works of art. Join us for this art documentary as Danielle shares her passion for promoting environmental and feminist issues while evoking a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world.

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Marissa Schiesser

Episode 6

Playful Creativity with Marissa Schiesser

Join Vancouver-based mixed media artist Marissa Schiesser on a journey of playful and intricate collage creations using found materials, textiles, and paint. Inspired by the female artists who carved their own paths, Marissa's work brings bold florals and the beauty of nature to life while embracing sustainability. Discover the joy of texture, colour, and art through Marissa's uplifting and inspiring work in this art documentary.

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