Windows to the beyond

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Windows to the beyond
Windows to the beyond
Windows to the beyond
Windows to the beyond
Windows to the beyond
Windows to the beyond
Windows to the beyond
Windows to the beyond

Windows to the beyond

$23.00 USD Vente sauvegarder

Toronto, ON, Canada

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Chahat Soneja, an ardent digital art enthusiast, indulges in creating captivating portrait manipulations with free images and Photoshop discoveries. She layers and blends images using diverse tools and techniques to manifest her unique vision. No constraints or rules hold her back; she explores freely, experimenting with colors, perspectives, and seamless blends. Incorporating text and graphics adds an extra flair to her signature style. Once content, she calls it a finished piece. With boundless creativity and technical finesse, Chahat's art inspires awe and admiration, showcasing her personal touch in each creation.

Size: 12x18 in | 30.5x45.7 cm

Frame: No

Medium: Digital print

The print is 18x12 inches including the white border 0.5 cm. from each side;
printed on photo paper, 170 gsm

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Chahat Soneja

Chahat Soneja is a self-motivated creative professional with a post-graduate degree in Advertising-Art Direction from Humber College. Originally from India, Chahat holds a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts, which has shaped her artistic sensibilities and provided a strong foundation for her creative journey.

With an irresistible creative instinct akin to a freshly baked "Rainbow Cupcake," Chahat has recently delved into the world of digital art. Proficient in various software, including but not limited to Photoshop, she uses her skills to craft captivating digital artworks, often centred around portrait manipulations.

Chahat's passion for creativity stems from a deep-rooted desire for self-expression through diverse outlets. Her work primarily revolves around portraits, showcasing her panache for original ideas and innovative theories across a wide range of artistic mediums.

Drawing from her unique experiences and educational background, Chahat is determined to push her creative boundaries further and explore new horizons as an aspiring artist. With a firm belief in the power of artistic expression, she is eager to make her mark in the creative industry and leave a lasting impression with her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication.

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