by Erica Mattson

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The inspiration for this piece was finding solace in art-making during these stressful pandemic times. 

This print was created using recycled linoleum flooring given to me by a friend. Carving old lino is hard work and creating this piece forced me to focus on nothing but breathing and making slow, careful lines without cutting myself or making too many mistakes.

We donate 2% from every purchase to a rotating list of Canadian charities, Read more about it here.


We donate 2% from every purchase to a rotating list of Canadian charities, Read more about it here.

Artwork Details

Paper Size: 15 x 18 inches
Art size: 10 x 12 inches
Support: Paper
Medium: Linocut hand printed on washi paper using water-based inks 
Note: This artwork is delivered without decorative frame.

About the Artist

Through mediums like drawing, printmaking, painting, I explore simple lines and shapes using colours and forms found in the natural world. I draw inspiration from plants and the unrushed work of nature and use slow, repetitive, meditative processes like printmaking, accumulation drawing, and slow painting to explore botanical, abstract, and geometric forms.

My studio practice is often brief and intermittent due to the demands of work and parenting, but it persists! Art is a necessary tool in my life – a mode of sanity-seeking and self-care, a sacred and unhurried space for healing and reflection, and a way to let myself grow.

My current work, a series titled float or fall, focuses on themes of healing, adaptability, connection, and renewal as expressed through a set of drawings, hand-pulled linocut prints, and mixed media work. Seeds, dead and decaying plant matter, and seasonal cycles of light, growth, renewal, and rest are reflected through simple lines, meditative mark-making, and still life assemblages.

This body of work has been developing slowly over the last few years as part of a re-emergence into artistic practice after a long period of dormancy. I’ve studied English literature and art history at the University of Victoria, visual art at the Vancouver Island School of Art, creative writing at Simon Fraser University, and communications at Royal Roads University.

I am a studio member at arc.hive artist run centre in Victoria, BC. I've also spent many years working in the arts and culture sector, and currently serve as a consultant and contractor for social impact organizations, nonprofits, and government.