Vinita Varier

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Vinita Varier

Vinita is a multi disciplinary artist who loves to paint still life and mixed media flowers - a style that has evolved over the years with exploration of mixing various mediums with the mindfulness of being in nature.

As an artist, Vinita strives to capture the essence of nature and its timeless beauty in her own colorful way. Flowers are one of Vinita's favorite subjects to paint due to their ability to uplift the human spirit with their vibrancy. Inspired by the delicate patterns and textures of petals, Vinita's work strives to bring the beauty of flowers to life on canvas.

Using mixed media, she tries to explore the intricacies of florals, toggling at times between realism and impressionism while creating harmonious compositions that evoke a sense of joy and beauty. Through her art , Vinita hopes to celebrate this appreciation for nature - to slow down and rediscover the beauty of flowers.

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