Pamela Paulenko

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Pamela Paulenko

Pamela Paulenko is a Toronto-based energy artist who specializes in watercolour, ink, and acrylics. Her fascination with the intricacies of natural ecosystems, as well as her keen interest in preserving habitats, inform her art. By using the power of composition, light, colour, and energy, Pam creates positive energy pieces that aim to gift the viewer with a sense of seeing and feeling the subject, in turn, raising the energy in their spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Pam's paintings are a tribute to the often-overlooked inhabitants of our precious ecosystems. She aims to provide a sense of calming wonder and hope in our everyday lives. Her work ranges from studies that feature the unique shape, texture, and design of what she calls "living miracles" to the ethereal and surreal. Pam's history as a texture artist in the animation industry is evident in her illustrations and visual storytelling. Movement and story are always present, even in her Canadian Trout Series, which creates a blissful feeling of movement when arranged side by side on a wall.

Pam feels a strong connection to her trout series represented by artterra, as these ancient fish are increasingly threatened by degraded and shrinking habitats, including the growing threat of invasive species. She believes that it is important to consider their needs and to keep the trout and other indigenous species jumping.

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