Grace Lane-Smith

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Grace Lane-Smith

Grace is an oil/mixed media artist crafting portals to the ocean from the shores of Nova Scotia. Living by the Atlantic Ocean, nature serves as a starting point for calm. Her work is currently exploring how external and internal landscapes often influence each other. Her work translates the calming, soul-satisfying feelings she gets on canvas so others can experience it anywhere in the world.

Her mission with her art is to share how all emotions and human imperfections have a place at the table. In having discussions with her art, she hopes it serves as a bridge to show that we have more emotional experiences that bring us closer together and have more in common than our differences.

Her earliest memories are of wandering up and down the aisles of a gallery on weekends, stopping in front of each painting and experiencing a feeling of ‘falling’ into the world each piece presented. This is what she aims to do with her own work. Grace’s art recreates that magical sense of inspiring and lifting viewers out of their busy (often digital) lives, to experience the peace of seeing seafoam rush up a beach, even if it is through a painting hanging in a city home.

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