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Ginette Lefebvre - GauLe

Born in Montreal, Ginette has resided in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec for many years. Her desire to paint dates back to her early childhood. However, within her family, visual art was not prevalent, and her interest gradually faded away, though it remained deep within her.

It was through attending symposiums in 2013 that the flame reignited. Ginette began taking classes and workshops, adding to her skills. Her chosen medium is acrylic, as it allows her to explore various techniques such as mixed media. The time she invests in her art nurtures her passion and propels her forward rapidly.

In 2016, Ginette developed her signature style, creating, among other things, her faceless characters. These figures express fundamental human emotions and are predominantly available in small formats.

A colorful and dynamic artist, Ginette paints with heart and passion. Every day, she is drawn to her studio to create, allowing her momentary inspiration to flow freely. She avoids routine and paints primarily for her own pleasure, which is why her work is diverse.

Her pieces are typically rich in texture, which plays a crucial role in her creation process. In each work, color holds great importance. It must be harmonious, vibrant, yet gentle.

Colors, beings, or other subjects are all sources of inspiration for Ginette. She is close to nature, which is why it often appears in her pieces. Whether it's trees, birds, flowers, or anything larger than life, they are essential in her life. Abstraction fascinates Ginette, and the composition, colors, and mystery must integrate into harmony. This freedom of expression attracts her.

Ginette is recognizable by her textures and gestural style, which have become her signature.

Her work is a tribute to the freedom of expression. Ginette seeks strength, originality, mystery, and, above all, paints what she feels.

Her aspiration is to create visually captivating original works that will enchant viewers.
In summary, Ginette's pieces are colorful, vibrant, and imbued with gentleness, emotions, and poetry.

Ginette's pieces are showcased in exhibitions such as symposiums and galleries nationwide.

GauLe. means Gaudreau Lefebvre

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