What is sustainability when it comes to art? Sustainable art means we take eco friendly steps to reduce our carbon footprint in creating art

What is Sustainable Art?

Sustainable art is the creative practice of making artwork that are not harmful to the environment as well as works that address topics such as climate change, waste and social issues. 

Sustainable art is not a fixed set of rules, but rather an evolving and adaptable way of thinking about what it means to make art.

It includes the use of recycled and reused materials, scavenged or salvaged materials, sustainable materials and processes, as well as works with a sustainability mission. 

The term sustainable art often appears in conjunction with green art and eco-art.

Sustainable art is a term that is associated with green art and eco-art. Eco-artists use recycled or upcycled materials in their practice and often try to make their studio practice sustainable. They might use local materials and resources, organic materials where possible, renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly materials. They also may try to use energy efficient methods for making their work.

There are no fixed rules for what makes a piece of art sustainable, but eco-artists often look for ways to create without damaging the environment.

For instance, some artists make things from recycled materials, or use only natural materials like clay and stone. Others use sustainable materials like biodegradable paint or even electricity from renewable sources. 

What are some examples of sustainable art?

artterra is a sustainability-conscious brand. We think of sustainability in every step of our business. This includes our artist selection and curation process. We have a wide range of sustainable art pieces on our website.

Here are just a few:

  1. Loretta Faveri is focused on raising awareness about mental health issues like shame and not being good enough, while repurposing monotype prints.

    what is sustainability environment in art making? what is eco art?

  2. Ira Hofecker is inspired by how nature and urban cities coexist and how one affects the other.

    eco art by artterra artist from Canada Ira Hoffecker

  3. Danielle Petti brings focus to our Earth by making her own paint from rocks and creating paintings that blur the lines between human form and landscape, questioning whether we can really live in harmony with the planet.

    eco art by sustainable artist Danielle Petti from Canada. green art

  4. Marissa Schiesser is constantly rethinking ways she can be more sustainable in her art practice. The mission of her work on artterra is to reveal the fragility of ocean life. 

    eco art, sustainable art. artists from Canada


There are so many more...

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