Interior Designer Spotlight: Maria De Cotiis

Interior Designer Spotlight: Maria De Cotiis

We are very excited to start a new series on our blog: Interior Designer Spotlights. We will be interviewing some of the most prominent designers in the industry, and we are thrilled to introduce you to our first interviewee, Maria De Cotiis.

Maria De Cotiis Interior Design is a full-service design firm specializing in custom home design, kitchen renovations, and fully furnished homes in and around Vancouver. Her designs are infused with timeless character, inspired by her favourite destinations (like Paris and Rome), and filled with the special, personal details that make your home yours.

We have had the honour to interview her for our blog and learn more about her practice


1. To start us off, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into interior design?

I’ve always had a love for design and have been around the construction industry all my life. I started my design practice in 2009 out of a deep appreciation for how beautiful, functional spaces can elevate life’s everyday moments. 


2. How would you describe your interior design style? 

European traditional charm meets a casual California vibe to create functional yet luxe interiors. Timeless, classic design that is polished and organized for everyday ease.


3. What clients do you tend to attract? What are they looking for when they come to you? 

I work with clients who have a sophisticated vision for their home but don’t have the time or expertise to achieve it. Through concierge-style services, I take the stress, conflict, and decision-fatigue out of the interior design process so my clients can enjoy the creative process and finally have a home that makes them feel like the best version of themselves.


4. The entire interior design process starting from the discovery of the client’s vision to the final installations makes the interior designer's work so intricate and fascinating! Could you walk us a little through your process? Where does art come in?

Absolutely, we have a very streamlined process which is broken down into 3 phases - Phase 1: Design Development, Phase 2: Implementation and finally  Phase 3: Final Project Install. 

We spend a lot of time upfront discussing the project with our clients and getting to know their design aesthetic as well as their wants and needs for the space. From there we take all the information gathered and work behind the scenes to create the designs and select all furnishings, finishes, materials and even the artwork. While most people wait until the very end to think about art, we are working the art into our design plans from the very beginning. It’s important to know where art will be placed, will there be an art light above? Or a piece of furniture below?

Art shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to great design. Art can also be the piece that unifies an entire room!

Once all the designs are complete, the work is done and the furniture is in there is nothing better than giving our clients a space that is 100% done, including the art and accessories. 

5. What is your favourite part of the process? And what is your least favourite? 

My favourite part of the process is at the beginning getting to know our clients and working on the design plans of their homes and creating the direction for the space. I also love when I get to see everything come to life and know how happy our designs make our clients. 

No, one enjoys dealing with issues, but it’s inevitable when it comes to building or renovating. Problems will arise and while we don’t love it we deal with it and make things right.   


6. What is your process for selecting artwork for your projects? What do you look for in the art pieces you select? 

When selecting artwork we consider the size, style and colour. We want the artwork to create a cohesiveness in the house. At times it’s the artwork that can inspire an entire space. The area of the home also plays an important factor in the selection of the art piece. If it’s a more traditional home we may opt for a traditional landscape or floral piece. 


7 . What is the type of art you usually look for? Is there a certain style? Size? Price range? Where do you usually source your art? 

Every project is different, therefore we are always sourcing a variety of art. Price range depends on the client and also the area where the art will be placed. Lately I’ve been drawn to a lot of floral and abstract artwork done in calming colour palettes.  We are always looking for new artists and if they are local to Canada, even better. 


8. And finally, What do you believe makes you and your process different from other interior designers?

I can’t speak to the process of other design firms but we really value our clients' experience throughout the process. Communication and integrity are a top priority and we want our clients to have an amazing and enjoyable experience. We really listen to our clients and take the time to ensure we are creating a home that reflects them and their lifestyle and brings out the best in them. We believe designing your dream home should be exciting!


You can learn more about Maria's services on her website. Make sure you subscribe for her free Home Furnishings Investment Guide on her website. She makes it easy to plan and budget your next redecoration.

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