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Art-knowledgable: Mini-courses to elevate your art game

Find the Perfect Artwork for Your Clients

Lesson 1

Learn how to select art for your clients that speaks to their values and aesthetics. Wow them with meaningful pieces that they can't stop talking about and make them feel truly understood. Selecting art is about much more than just the obvious colour palette - it's about understanding your client's personality and creating an emotional connection.

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Lighting Artwork for Maximum Impact

Lesson 2

Lighting is a critical element in bringing artwork to life and enhancing the overall mood of a space. In this module, you'll learn the proper techniques for lighting artwork, including how to position light sources, adjust brightness and color temperature, and use different types of lighting to create depth and structure.

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Hanging Artwork Like a Pro

Lesson 3

From positioning and sizing to choosing the right support and tools, you'll discover the essential tips and tricks for creating a stunning display of your artwork on your walls. Whether you're hanging a single piece or creating a gallery wall, this module will teach you everything you need to know to achieve visual balance and harmony in your space.

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Framing to Enhance Your Artwork

Lesson 4

Framing can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your artwork or completely ruin it. In this lesson, we discuss some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect frame for your artwork, based on the style, colours, and materials used. You will also learn how to save money on framing and why it's so important to consider the type of framing you need, whether for aesthetic or conservation purposes.

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Preserve Original Archival Artwork

Lesson 5

Discover how to protect artwork from acid damage, dust, and direct sunlight, and create an uplifting environment with our artist's examples. Ensure that your clients' valuable family photographs and original art pieces are properly cared for and preserved for generations to come. Perfect for interior designers looking to add an extra layer of value to their design services.

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“The details are not the details. They make the design” –Charles Eames.

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