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Frequently asked questions

What is artterra?

artterra is an art and artisan focused online gallery created to showcase work by emerging and up-and-coming Canadian artists.

Why collaborate with artterra?

We are artists working for artists. 

We help build your audience by showcasing your work alongside a selected, curated group of amazing artists, and promote your work on social media as well as through directed email marketing to art buyers, interior designers and art publications. 

We also focus on Canadian artists, and provide incentives for Canadian buyers including free shipping over orders of $150.

Who is artterra?

artterra was born from the joint passion of two artists that came together for the purpose of helping the Canadian art scene, by surfacing up-and-coming Canadian art. 

We curate an online collection of original and one-of-a-kind artwork by emerging Canadian artists and artisans, at prices fit for art collectors and investors at all levels.

What kind of work are you looking for?

We are looking for unique and contemporary original art, limited edition prints and handmade items such as jewelry, ceramics, gift cards, etc… The work is curated, so we are selective with what we accept, but we are seeking a diverse range of pieces and we encourage you to submit your work!

How to become an artterra artist?

We want to make it as easy as possible for artists to sell their work and build an audience to grow their art career. We ask that the work submitted is currently available to sell on our site, and that we will have the exclusive rights to the sales of these pieces for a minimum of three months if they are accepted. 

With that in mind, we’ve designed the process to be quick and painless to collaborate with us. There are only 4 easy steps. You can learn about them here.

How does artterra work?

We select, showcase and promote a limited selection of emerging Canadain art and artisan products at a time.

If your work is acceptted, we create a page for you on our website, and help build your audience by showcasing and prmotng your work on our social media and other marketing channels to interior designers, art curators and art lovers. 

Once an item is sold on our website, you ship directly to the customer. But we pay for shipping and all transaction fees. We email you a prepaid shipping label to print and attach to your package and you drop off the package at the post office.
We pay you 60% of the price of the item sold and we wait for a month to do the payout to make sure the item isn’t returned and all is good.

How much do artists earn from sales?

We know that artists need to make a living, and it can be tough with traditional galleries that often take 50% of art sales. 

artterra offers artists 60% of the retail price of art sales, and we pay shipping costs, taxes and transaction fees, so that there are no hidden fees or extra costs. 

You set the retail price, so that you can ensure you receive the amount of money you want when a piece sells!

How long is the term of our representation?

Three months! We have set the term of our contract to three months for the benefit of our artists.

Many of our artists work with various galleries and sell work on their own website. During our three month term together, we have full representation of your work on our website, meaning you can't sell that particular artwork through any other channel. So at the end of the three months, we like to give our artists a chance to choose if they'd like us to continue representing work that hasn't sold on artterra. 

At this time some artists choose to switch artwork that hasn't sold with new work. Most of our artists, however, choose to stay with artterra one way or another. It is rare that the three months is the end of our relationship with our artist. 

How does shipping work?

We're a soley online art gallery and we don't keep physical inventory of your work.

Once an item is sold on our website, you ship directly to the customer. But we pay for shipping and all transaction fees. We email you a prepaid shipping label to print and attach to your package and you drop off the package at the post office.

By the time most products reach the buyer at a typical retail store, they have been shipped multiple times. We want to ship products less to reduce carbon emmisions, so our model involves direct shipping from the maker to the buyer. 

Can I continue selling work on artterra through my website?

We own exclusive rights to the art we represent. This means that during the timeframe of our representation, art sale for the pieces we have on the website should all go through artterra. If you are contacted by a potential buyer, kindly redirect them to where they can purchase the work.  

Are you interested in knowing my media mentions?

We think of ourselves as storytellers for artists. We don't post artist resumes or media releases but we do care to learn why you do what you do, what inspires you and your process. So your artist statement and the ispiration story of your work are essential to our process.

How do I select the pieces I submit to artterra?

We are storytellers, and we tell the story of our artists, i.e their process, why they do what they do, what inspires them, why we find it so interesting.

With all the storytelling and promotions we run, the value our artists gain is far beyond the monetary commission of a sale. Even when we don't sell, it's still a win for you as we're building your audience.

Because we are so big on telling stories and building your audience, we recommend submitting a small collection that best represents your work and helps us tell a story of your process and what inspires you. 

Who is your audience of art buyers?

We are a sustainability-conscious art and design brand. Our audience are interior designers, environmentalists, and art lovers intrested in supporting emerging artists. So if any of your pieces has a special story around conservation and environmental/social issues, that would work beautifully with our brand!